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FM WORLD – Better quality of life!

You can start your own business with the world’s fastest growing perfume and cosmetics company that has expanded into more than 40 countries. FM is a world-wide company that lets you start your business from almost anywhere in the world.

Start making money immediately plus have the opportunity to qualify for a share of up to 12% of the company worldwide turnover every month.

The FM WORLD is a cosmetic business opportunity that has proved that it can help you change your life, either working at it part time or going for it full time. Many people are becoming successful, some of them did not expect the success that the FM Group cosmetic business has brought their way, yet some started the business as a way to earn just a few extra hundred Euros to pay for a holiday or bills and it ended up being their biggest source of income. The thing is they understood what many people do miss, they saw cosmetic business as an opportunity for their success and a way of saving money, and decided to join in and help others enjoy the benefits that were brought to them by the FM WORLD.

Business Based on Products of the Highest Quality.

FM provide 100% original perfume products, cutting out all cost of commercials and distribution, making the products about 80% cheaper than in shops. FM use the same high quality ingredients and sharing the same family notes from the same major perfume manufacturer DROM as celebrities and top fashion designers like Armani, Chanel, Dior, D&G, Escada, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Bvlgari, Givency … but the prices are about 80% lower (depending on the country). Your business with FM Group will therefore be based on the highest quality products at very affordable prices. This makes the business with FM Group attractive.

The FM WORLD is looking for people who want more from life, more control, more free time, more than just making a living!

People, maybe just like you, who are willing to learn a new way of doing things, who are ready to explore their abilities and to reach out for new horizons.

Whatever your priority the FM Group business can provide you with a realistic opportunity to achieve your personal and financial goals.

Join the FM WORLD DISTRIBUTION from anywhere in the world.

  • NO joining or annual fees
  • NO consumer exploitation – replacement spending
  • NO forced buying through auto ship
  • NO investing in stock
  • NO requirement to do parties
  • NO heavy bags and huge display kits
  • NO sales targets, territories or penalties
  • NO caps, restrictions or limits on team levels


FM WORLD offers a business opportunity with a low start-up cost. The start-up cost is simply the cost of sample perfumes and no membership fees.

What really makes FM Group stand out from other companies is the low cost of the products. If the products are expensive, the distributors have a hard time trying to convince other people to buy a product which they can buy elsewhere for a much lower price. Most other companies actually have products which are much dearer than similar products that can be obtained elsewhere to pay the premiums and bonuses for up-line distributors in their networks.

FM WORLD offers products which are of the highest quality and at a much lower price than can be purchased in shops including on-line shops. This is why FM Group is so different from other companies and why you have a much higher chance to succeed.

Three fields of activity in the FM WORLD

As a member:

1. You have a right to buy for yourself at discounted prices from up to 30% -50%,

2. You have a right to buy and sell with up to 65% margin,

3. You have a right to build a distribution network worldwide.

Don’t Miss Out On A Better Lifestyle Simply Because You Don’t Know About the Exciting FM Opportunity!

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Remember, your success depends only on you! We can only show you a way to get there! 

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